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Director Prof. Tsuyoshi Inoue

Creation Plaza of Nagoya University aims to complement the conventional university education which is problem-solving and analytical type, with the problem-finding and comprehensive type education. In addition, our activity is to make students realize the necessity of engineering and learning through the experience-based education (Monozukuri), more than conventional classroom-centered manner.

Creation Plaza has the following two major features. The first is our unique program “Creative Experiments for Comprehensive Engineering,” which targets graduate students has achieved a great result. The second is another unique program “Hands-on (practical) course,” which consists of various menus in terms of content and level.

In the Creative Experiments for Comprehensive Engineering, one of its success factors is, as we call, Directing Professor (DP) positioned at the core of the program. We invite the leading experts in industry as DPs, and they mentor students to have the original experiments go forward. We thank many companies for their understanding and cooperation in the program.
In Hands-on course, University’s technical staff has created various menus for students, all-university members, and citizens, focusing on mechanical, material and electrical themes. In addition, “Hands-on course for international students” has begun since 2007.
In this way, the strengths and know-hows of people with diverse specialties have been gathered and it is a major driving force of our activities.
We also actively conduct the open use of machinery workshop. Nagoya University Formula Team uses it to create formula car. Furthermore, regular courses of engineering department such as Design and Drafting, Electric Circuit Engineering and Materials Processing use our facilities increasingly for various purposes.
We expect that you will make full use of Creation Plaza by your ingenuity.